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Your feedback says we’re on the right track!

Dear Member, 

CALU’s board of directors and staff received some welcome feedback from our members this fall. Responses to our membership survey sent out in September indicate you are highly satisfied with CALU as your industry association.

CALU 2020 Membership Survey

The membership survey was done to help inform the three-year strategic planning process the board of directors and staff conducted this year. The board wanted to understand how our members feel about CALU, what we have accomplished and what our priorities and direction should be for the future as input to the planning process.

The survey was distributed to all members. We received 152 responses for a response rate of 24 per cent, which is on the high end of the average response rate for surveys of this kind. A special thank you to all who took part. Your input is essential in helping the staff and volunteers who are responsible to you understand your needs, perceptions and expectations.

The study was conducted by The Portage Group (TPG), which also facilitated our strategic planning process. TPG has conducted more than 80 surveys for more than 60 associations, which allowed them to benchmark our performance against similar organizations and provide context for our results.  

Overall satisfaction: 80 per cent

Our overall member satisfaction score of 80 per cent falls in the extremely satisfied to excellent category. This is significantly higher than the 66% average score for other professional associations that TPG has surveyed and is the second highest score among all organizations that TPG has worked with. Something to be proud of!

Program use and satisfaction

Awareness of CALU programs is very strong, with more than 90 per cent of members aware of eight out of 10 of the member benefits covered by the survey. Most of you also said you use and are highly satisfied with the majority of CALU programs. Here’s a snapshot:


Satisfaction level (%)

Usage (%)

Annual General Meeting



eNews email updates



Technical publications



Continuing education credits



Regional meetings






2020 CALU Webinar Program




While the Associate’s meeting is relevant only to a subset of members it was also highly rated by those members, at 83 per cent satisfaction. 

Communication effectiveness was also seen as a strong suit at 83 per cent satisfaction.

Representing member interests

CALU members are highly satisfied with your association’s efforts to represent member interests to key stakeholder groups, with an overall 77 per cent rating. CALU’s result here falls into the ‘excellence’ category, with representation to the CRA and Finance garnering the highest level of satisfaction at 83 per cent. Representation to key ministers was the lowest rated at 71 per cent, still indicating a rating of very satisfied. We’re pleased to report that these ratings are among the highest TPG has seen among professional associations they work with.

Your top issues 

We asked you what you consider the top issues that CALU should address when representing member interests. Your top-tier policy issues are tax legislation, regulation and review (91 per cent rating this as very important) and the Canadian fiscal recovery/economic impact of COVID-19 (72 per cent). The top-rated industry issues you want CALU to address are complexity and compliance in a challenging regulatory environment (73 per cent) and the impact of technology and disruption on the industry (72 per cent).

Areas to improve

While the results were generally strong across the board, we also received some insights on where there is still room to improve.
This includes ensuring that:

  • your membership in CALU provides you with a tangible competitive advantage
  • we understand and support you with your business and practice needs
  • we deliver excellent value for your membership fees, and
  • we keep you informed on what we’re doing on your behalf.

We’ll be focusing on enhancing our performance in these areas going forward. Once again, thank you for taking the time to provide your input. It’s highly valued and greatly appreciated.

 Best regards,

Cindy David, CFP, CLU, FEA, TEP
Chair, CALU Board of Directors
Guy Legault, MBA, FCPA, FCGA, CAE
President and CEO